Introduction to Blog!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Blog!

I currently run a Youtube Channel.  As I get deeper into the Youtube world,  I haven’t been able to post as much due to be so busy with things. This in turn has resulted in so many reviews not getting posted. I have a lot of free time at night, which I currently spent Binge watching Netflix.. So, I could spend time writing my reviews up. I can’t film at night due to the fact that I don’t live alone and I don’t have the right equipment for it as of now.

So what does all this rambling mean for you?!

It means a better chance at Author Interviews! Who doesn’t love to ask the author questions?  It means you will get my reviews faster and more often! I hate that I have reviews stacking up and no time to film, edit and  post my reviews! So if you want to be able to see my reviews first here is your chance!

I can’t wait to start posting reviews for you! I have so many notes on books that I’ve been waiting to get out!

xx Britta


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