Author Interview with Autumn Sand: Bonded

I loved the Interview with Autumn Sand! Circle of Stalkers did great!

Circle of Stalkers


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00037]


by Autumn Sand

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pub date: 6/23/17

Available to pre-order for $0.99

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About the Book

From the time I laid eyes on Brenda, over a year ago, I wanted to taste every inch of her. The need ran so deep, I pushed her away. That’s my problem. I push everyone away; anyone who dares to get too close. The bonds of my past prevent me from moving forward, but my need for her compels me to break them. Now she’s in danger, and I’ll die before I let anything happen to her. It’s a race against time, between my past and saving her. Will time run out on both of us, or will we forever be bonded? 
When I first met Magnum, I thought sex was all I wanted. Or at least that’s what I told…

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