Blog Tour: Hope by Rima Jbara

Book: Hope Hope
Author: Rima Jbara
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Goodreads Rating: 5 Stars


Hope is about a woman who lives in a drowned world and is going through a silent ruin, and finds comfort in believing that her own self exists as another being, and confides her inner most secrets to her. It all started with a dream, advancing to a nightmare that then became a reality. Hope plays a lonely game in silence until her dreams turn to dust. She lives her life through an illusion that ends with capturing her own light, making that moment an unforgettable day. This novel reveals in detail how a woman suffers from depression, and how it rules and guides her life through her journey in finding solace.



1732809Rima Jbara, a Jordanian that lived in Dubai, UAE where she attended school. As a young teenager, Jbara wanted to become a writer. Upon telling her father who was a journalist and an established publisher, he responded, “As a hobby why not? Let’s see how good you are.” Her father sent the manuscript for plagiarism inspection and to editors of magazines and newspapers who were extremely surprised by her raw novelistic skills at a tender age. ‘Powerful Love’ was published in 1992.

In the early millennium, “Hope” was Rima’s first book to be published internationally along with the launch of her official website and her own fan club. Her readers consider “Hope” a masterpiece, “Miss Temptation” a best seller and “Tangled Words / Riot In My Senses” are a work of a genius.

In writing, Jbara commented that “What I write may not all be masterpieces but I do know that I was born to write forever. My life will go on in these endless books.”

For every internationally published book, a trailer was created to promote it. In 2003, a calendar was launched featuring 12 of her quotes with 12 exclusive images as well as enhanced two of her novels with DVDs which included the making of her books from A to Z plus performed a song exclusively for the Middle East market.

Today, she has a total of fifteen books and is celebrating her 25th Anniversary since the publication of her first novel.



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