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14444775_675643679277812_8910383893864172092_oWelcome to my Blog! I’m so glad you decided to check it out!

Hi there!

Ever since I could read, I picked up every book I could. (look out Dr. Seuss I was coming for you!) Thought the years nothing has changed except for the fact I went on to chapter books, and then graduated to  books with over a thousand pages (Hello George R.R. Martin.) Most  recently I decided to take my book reading to the next level and said to myself “You are already reading so many books, you might as well share your opinion with the world.”

I started by adding more books to my goal to read in the year with 100 books. (The year before I only read 5.) I’m happy to say I have surpassed that goal with 121 books. (And still reading more!) I didn’t start reviewing books until later in the year, I started on Goodreads and then expanded into making a Youtube Channel. As I got busy with normal life things I decided to add a Blog (More info Here ) I’m so excited to expand my Blog with more reviews and hopefully some Author Interviews!

One last thing I feel is worth mentioning!

Blood and Snow!

This will be my first Novel that is in the works. I will hopefully be adding a Page to my blog so you can stay updated with information and shenanigans that is happening with my book!



If you are an Author feel free to contact me if you would like me to review your book.


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