Blood and Snow Project

Blood and Snow


15388584_185829958547081_1953215785_oThe days are freezing and the nights are unbearable. Alvirea is long without magic, and the land is dying. In Alviera potential mages have been put to death for thousands of years. No one utters the word “Maji” in fear of being killed just for speaking it. Can three different, but similar people breath life back into a dying land?

Anastasia was born a princess but with a dark secret that she herself cannot remember. Does she have what it takes to discover the truth about her past?

Nikolai was born an outcast but has risen in power to be a part of Anastasia’s guard. How did he go from dying to the guard that protects the princess?

Vlad has been cursed. He knows who’s trying to overthrow Anastasia’s father. He knows what will destroy the kingdom of Alvirea. But will his own secret be overlooked in exchange for what he knows?






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