Book Review Policy

Books I accept:

~Self-published/Indie books
~Ebook (Mobi & Epub)

(I sometimes accept Pdf, but it is not preferred)

Genres I review:

~Young Adult
~Fantasy (All Types)
~Science Fiction
~Middle Grade

(If you aren’t sure always check with me! Sometimes I go out of my comfort to find great new reads)


Will also be posted on:
~My Blog and/or My Youtube Channel (This is due to a busy schedule when I can’t film)
(I also promote the books on Instagram* as well as Twitter) 

*Must be a print book for this to happen

Rating System

5 Stars-  I love this book. I would read the book over and over and over again. I’ll suggest it to everyone. (I also most likely cried or got a book hangover from the book)

4 Stars- This book was great. I will most likely read it again.

3 Stars- This book was alright, but didn’t leave me wanting more. I most likely won’t read the book again.

2 Stars- This book was okay. No chance I would read the book again.

1 Stars-  Did not enjoy the book at all. I had a lot of issues with the book.

Contact me:


Twitter: @Brittacakes20

Instagram: @Brittacakes20


I will not always love the book, I will post an honest review. If I am not interested I will let you know before hand as to avoid a bad review. Thank you 🙂


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