Guy Hater by J. Sterling- Review- Giveaway

Book: Guy HaterGuyHater-HR-ebook
Series: Fisher Brothers
Author: J. Sterling
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Goodreads Rating: 4.18 Stars
Goodreads Summary:

Frank is the oldest of the Fisher Brothers; quiet, pensive and sexy as hell. He’s stuck in a loveless relationship that he doesn’t know how to get out of. The night Claudia walks into his bar, his life is forever changed. Frank is torn between following his obligations or his heart. It’s not as easy to navigate as one might think.

Will Frank risk losing the one person who brought him back to life or will he go against it all and do what’s expected of him?


I got fired from my last job. 
It’s true. 
I know you’re sitting there thinking, “Jenn, how could anyone in their right mind fire someone like you?” And I’d love to give you a good reason, but the truth is that sometimes being all sorts of awesome isn’t fun for other people. They don’t always tend to like it. lol 
So I picked my pride off the floor, bought a laptop and started writing my first book. And you know what I realized? Writing stories that meant something to me was a million times better than working my ass off for someone who didn’t really care about anything other than the bottom line. 
My soul has never felt more satisfied. 
My heart has never been more full.
I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but I love every second of it. I truly do.
It is SO worth it. 
All of it. 
Every moment.
The journey it took to get to this point- I wouldn’t change a thing.


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Stars: 5/5 Stars

So if you follow me on Goodreads you know for a fact that I love anything and everything that J. Sterling writes.

Guy Hater was certainly no exception. I absolutely loved Guy Hater. Frank was just the type of unhappy guy you can’t help but love and feel sorry for being stuck in an unhappy relationship. Claudia is just the perfect little ball of spitfire he needs to get his life back on track.

Jenn always has a way to make you fall in love with the characters instantly and feel the pain as they go through it. I found myself crying and wanting everything to come up with a happily ever after. Naturally this can only happen with a few bumps in the road along the way.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but trust me Guy Hater will pull you in and have you wanting to grab every copy of Jenn’s books.

Guy Hater is a MUST READ for all romance readers, Come join me and many others in making a #Fishwish for one of the Fisher Brothers.



Special Excerpt:

“Hey, brother, who are these beautiful ladies?” I called out as I made my way over to Ryan.


He shot me a surprised look before it morphed into a grin. I had never asked Ryan who he was talking to before, had never attempted to be charming at the bar. I wasn’t sure what qualities I might have gotten from our parents, but charm certainly wasn’t among them. No, all the charming genes were divvied up between Nick and Ryan.


“This is Britney and her roommate, Claudia . . . like cloud-ee-ah. Not like clawed-ee-ah.”

I watched as she smiled again, pissed off that it wasn’t me who was making her do it. “It’s nice to meet you both. Thanks for coming in. Is it your first time?”


I tried to make eye contact with Britney to include her in the conversation, but I couldn’t stop looking at Claudia. It wasn’t so much the rich coffee-bean color of her eyes as the way she was looking at me with them. Maybe she was thinking I was a psychopath, while I was hoping she liked what she saw.


“I’ve been here before, but it is Claudia’s first visit,” Britney said, but Claudia and I were still looking at each other without a word, not acknowledging that anyone else was in the room.


I blinked and gave Claudia a brief smile before looking away, confused about what was happening to my body and running through my head. I wasn’t available and had no right to act like I was, but this woman had me twisted up with just a look. That kind of thing didn’t happen to me. I wasn’t Ryan, the hopeless romantic looking to find his Cinderella.


“I hope you ladies have a nice time. Next round’s on me,” I said before walking away.

I had to get away, had to get some distance from this girl. My heart needed to stop pounding like a wild gorilla inside my chest.


Ryan chased me down as I hurried back toward the office. “What the hell was that?”


“I have no fucking idea,” I said before slamming the door in his face, willing him to keep his ass outside.





I was sent this book by the  Company (Inkslinger PR) for review. This in no way affects my opinion on the book. (Huge thank you to InkSlinger & J. Sterling)

**The Author gave me a copy but I choose to write a review. This Review is completely honest and is my own opinions of the book*



Troublemaker Review

Book: Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology
Author: Leah Remini26827675
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Goodreads Rating: 3.97 Stars
Goodreads Summary:

The outspoken actress, talk show host, and reality television star offers up a no-holds-barred memoir, including an eye-opening insider account of her tumultuous and heart-wrenching thirty-year-plus association with the Church of Scientology.

Leah Remini has never been the type to hold her tongue. That willingness to speak her mind, stand her ground, and rattle the occasional cage has enabled this tough-talking girl from Brooklyn to forge an enduring and successful career in Hollywood. But being a troublemaker has come at a cost.

That was never more evident than in 2013, when Remini loudly and publicly broke with the Church of Scientology. Now, in this frank, funny, poignant memoir, the former King of Queens star opens up about that experience for the first time, revealing the in-depth details of her painful split with the church and its controversial practices.

Indoctrinated into the church as a child while living with her mother and sister in New York, Remini eventually moved to Los Angeles, where her dreams of becoming an actress and advancing Scientology’s causes grew increasingly intertwined. As an adult, she found the success she’d worked so hard for, and with it a prominent place in the hierarchy of celebrity Scientologists alongside people such as Tom Cruise, Scientology’s most high-profile adherent. Remini spent time directly with Cruise and was included among the guests at his 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes.

But when she began to raise questions about some of the church’s actions, she found herself a target. In the end, she was declared by the church to be a threat to their organization and therefore a “Suppressive Person,” and as a result, all of her fellow parishioners—including members of her own family—were told to disconnect from her. Forever.

Bold, brash, and bravely confessional, Troublemaker chronicles Leah Remini’s remarkable journey toward emotional and spiritual freedom, both for herself and for her family. This is a memoir designed to reveal the hard-won truths of a life lived honestly—from an author unafraid of the consequences.


Leah Remini is an actor, producer, and #1 New York Times bestselling author. A fixture on television since the age of eighteen, Remini is best known for her beloved role of 6318261Carrie on the nine-season hit The King of Queens. Remini went on to produce and star in one of the earliest and most successful comedic web series, In the Motherhood, and appeared in the movie Old School alongside Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn. In 2010, Remini helped launch and co-hosted the first season of the CBS daytime hit show The Talk, and in 2013 she was seen on the dance floor in Dancing with the Stars. She currently co-stars in the TV Land comedy The Exes and TLC’s reality show Leah Remini: It’s All Relative, which she also created and executive produces. Remini finds great joy in her philanthropic work with numerous and diverse military, women’s, and children’s charities. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.

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Stars: 3/5 Stars

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this book, but there wasn’t really an insight that I didn’t get from watching a documentary on Scientology.

It was nice to see her memoir of her experience from Hollywood. I really enjoyed this actually, it was cool to hear about her days with King of Queens (Even though this wasn’t mentioned a lot) Which I was hoping that it would have been.

As for her stepping outside of Scientology it was more of her saying she didn’t like who was apart of it rather than not believe in Scientology. For example it is as if she was saying “I loved the religion of Scientology but I didnt like the people.” That is like saying “I love school but don’t like the teacher or students”

In my option she would have been better off labeling this as a memoir rather than how they publicized this as a”Scientology tell all”

I really hope that Leah Remini decides to write another book that deals more with the Hollywood side or even a book dedicated to her days on King of Queens.



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